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Project Overview developed a revolutionary application designed to streamline the process of creating custom protective covers for electronic devices directly in retail environments. This application connects to an Instant Cutting Plotter (ICP) Machine, allowing shop personnel to instantly produce protective films for any device, including mobile phones, laptops, and watches. The solution integrates customer management, device selection, precise cutting commands, and invoicing in one seamless workflow, greatly enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Device and Model Compatibility

Ensuring the application supports a wide range of devices, brands, and models.

Precision in Cutting Commands

Translating app inputs into accurate cutting commands to ensure the ICP machine produces perfectly sized protective films.

Developing and integrating POS Systems

Having POS app developed according to requirement and Seamlessly integrating the app with Point of Sale (POS) systems for efficient invoicing and inventory management.

User Experience

Designing an intuitive interface that enables shop staff to easily operate the app and manage transactions without errors.


Extensive Database

Compiled a comprehensive database of devices, brands, and models, ensuring the app can generate precise cut patterns for a vast array of devices.

Command Calibration

Developed algorithms to convert app selections into precise cutting instructions, ensuring each protective film fits flawlessly.

POS App Development and Integration

Developed and Integrated the app with POS systems, enabling automatic invoice generation and email dispatch.

Streamlined Interface Design

Created a user-friendly interface that simplifies the workflow from device selection to the final cut, making it accessible even for first-time users.

Key Features

The approach to developing the Instant Device Protection Cutter App was meticulous and phased:


Device Selection Module

Users can select the device type, brand, model, and coverage area (front, back, sides) from a detailed, regularly updated list.


Real-Time Cutting Execution

Once the device specifications and protective film type are selected, the app sends an immediate command to the ICP machine to execute the cut.


Automatic Invoicing

Integrates with POS systems to generate invoices post-cut, which are then emailed to customers directly from the app.


Inventory Management

Tracks the usage of cutting sheets and bumpers, helping shops manage their stock efficiently.


Customer Data Management

Allows for entry and retrieval of customer information, enhancing the ability to provide personalised services.


Sales and History Logs

Provides detailed reports on the history of cuts, sales data, and customer preferences.


Admin Panel

Offers comprehensive analytics and shop-wise data aggregation, assisting in business oversight and decision-making.

Development Process

The approach to developing the Instant Device Protection Cutter App was meticulous and phased:

Requirement Gathering

Collaborated with retail shop operators to understand their needs and challenges.

System Design and Prototyping

Designed a scalable system architecture and developed prototypes to test functionality.

Iterative Testing and Feedback

Implemented an agile methodology, allowing for iterative testing and refinements based on real-time user feedback.

Deployment and Training

Systematically deployed the app across client locations, followed by comprehensive training sessions for end-users.

Ongoing Support and Updates

Provided continuous support and regular updates to enhance functionalities and incorporate new device data.

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