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In the dynamic world of logistics, where precision, speed, and reliability are paramount, our client stands as a pivotal provider of delivery services to a broad spectrum of industries, including e-commerce and food delivery. Our mission was to develop a Logistics Management Software that streamlines their operations, optimises the utilisation of their fleet, and enhances the overall efficiency of their delivery services. This end-to-end solution includes a Driver Application, Executive App, Technician App, and an Admin Panel, each designed to address specific operational facets of the logistics workflow.


Operational Integration

Ensuring seamless integration between different components of the logistics operations, from vehicle allocation to delivery execution.

Real-Time Coordination

Facilitating real-time communication and coordination between drivers, technicians, and executives for smooth operational flow.

Efficiency Optimization

Maximising the efficiency of vehicle and driver allocation to meet the high demand and fast-paced requirements of clients.

Technical Robustness

Developing a robust platform capable of handling the complexities of logistics operations, including route optimization and vehicle maintenance tracking.

Tailored Solutions

Comprehensive Dashboard

A unified admin panel for overarching management of logistics operations, providing real-time insights into vehicle and driver performance.

Driver Application

Enables drivers to locate and collect vehicles efficiently, access delivery schedules, and navigate optimal routes.

Executive App

Facilitates management of drivers and assignments, ensuring timely and effective delivery services.

Technician App

Streamlines vehicle management, maintenance scheduling, and issue resolution to minimise downtime and ensure fleet readiness.

Driver Application Features


Driver Onboarding & KYC

Facilitates the submission of necessary documents and information for driver verification and KYC compliance.


Daily Task List

Shows drivers their assigned vehicles and any specific instructions or targets (e.g., number of parcels to be delivered).


Delivery Log

Allows drivers to log the number of parcels delivered or collected, even though the actual delivery is handled through another app.


Vehicle Check-In/Out

Drivers can check vehicles in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts, recording mileage and any issues.


Incident Reporting

Enables drivers to report any incidents or discrepancies related to deliveries or vehicle condition.


Earnings Overview

Provides insights into drivers' earnings based on the deliveries logged.

Executive App Features


Fleet Management Dashboard

Overview of fleet operations, including vehicle status, driver assignments, and delivery metrics.


Driver Management

Assign drivers to vehicles, manage schedules, and oversee driver performance and compliance.


Parcel and Delivery Tracking

Track the number of parcels handled, aligning with targets and customer expectations.


Performance Analytics

Detailed reports on operational efficiency, driver performance, and vehicle utilisation.


Driver Compliance Monitoring

Ensure all drivers meet required KYC and compliance standards.


Communication Tools

Facilitate direct communication with drivers for updates and notifications.

Technician App Features


Vehicle Maintenance Scheduler

Schedule and track maintenance tasks for each vehicle in the fleet.


Vehicle Inspection Checklists

Conduct regular vehicle inspections to ensure compliance with safety and maintenance standards.


Issue Tracking and Resolution

Log and track vehicle issues reported by drivers, assigning tasks for resolution.

Admin Panel Features


Operational Dashboard

High-level insights into logistics operations, including delivery metrics, fleet status, and driver compliance.


Fleet and Vehicle Management

Detailed management of the vehicle fleet, including maintenance schedules, vehicle assignments, and utilisation rates.


Driver and KYC Management

Manage driver schedules, verify KYC documentation, and ensure all drivers are compliant with regulatory standards.


Delivery and Parcel Metrics

Monitor and analyse the volume of parcels delivered, setting targets and tracking performance against objectives.


Financial Reporting and Analytics

Generate financial reports related to operational costs, driver earnings, and fleet maintenance expenses.


User Management and Access Control:

Configure access permissions for different users of the admin panel, ensuring data security and operational integrity.

The Process We Followed:

Deep Dive into Client Operations

Understanding the intricacies of our client's logistics operations and identifying key pain points.

Solution Design and Prototypingt

Crafting a bespoke solution architecture and developing prototypes for each app component.

Agile Development and Feedback Loops

Employing agile methodologies to iteratively build and refine the software based on continuous client feedback.

Comprehensive Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensuring the software's reliability, usability, and performance through rigorous testing.

What Our Clients Say


Gordon Pullen

MD, EGSS Technologies

London, UK

Working with the team at Squillion has been an absolute pleasure. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make the project successful. So if you are looking for a reliable team, Squillion is your company.


Juan Luis Hernandez

Executive, More4Motion Private Fleet

McLean VA, USA
They exhibit an exceptional dedication towards constant improvement and innovation, which is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Wonhwi Jeong

CEO of Pickboard

Seoul, South Korea

“There is no reason not to choose Squillion”

We have done lots of projects with Squillion. And they never disappoint us.
They fully understand what their customer want. They have all the qualities that make great software.
They showed us their great development skills (backend, frontend, IoT communication) as well as great communication skills, high enthusiasm and integrity.



Softcare Solutions


We were impressed with their commitment to completing the work.



CEO, Hanny Logistics


After Launching our Website, We saw a significantly increased number of Bookings and also helped in creating a smoother user Experience.
They delivered more than their commitment and our expectations