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Project Overview

Pickboard has emerged as a pioneering force in South Korea’s urban transport landscape, offering an innovative scooter rental service that combines convenience with sustainability. Tasked with developing a comprehensive mobile app, crafted a seamless digital solution that not only simplifies the rental process but also integrates advanced features to enhance user experience and operational efficiency.


User Adoption

Designing an intuitive and engaging user interface to encourage widespread adoption among South Korean commuters.

Real-Time Data Processing

Ensuring the app could handle real-time data for scooter availability, traffic conditions, and user locations.

Payment Integration

Integrating a secure and versatile payment system that accommodates various payment methods preferred in South Korea.


User-Centric Design

Developed an easy-to-navigate app interface, emphasising quick access to scooter rentals and real-time information.

IoT Integration

IoT Integration and connectivity plays a crucial role in Scooter Sharing App for real time connectivity.

Dynamic Data Handling

Leveraged cutting-edge technologies to ensure the app provides accurate and timely updates on scooter availability and user positioning.

Secure Payment Gateways

Integrated multiple payment options, including credit cards and popular local payment systems, ensuring transactions are both flexible and secure.

Scalable Architecture

Utilised cloud-based solutions and microservices architecture to facilitate easy scaling and maintenance.

Key Features

The Pickboard app includes a rich set of features designed to enhance the rental experience and operational efficiency


Real-Time Scooter Locator

Users can find the nearest available scooters in real-time directly on an interactive map.


Instant Booking

Allows users to book scooters instantly with just a few taps, improving convenience.


QR Code Unlocking

Scooters can be unlocked quickly using a QR code scanning feature within the app.


Smart Lock Integration

Integrated with scooter smart locks for enhanced security and user verification.


In-App Payments

Supports multiple payment methods, providing users with convenient options for seamless transactions.


Ride History

Users can track their previous rides, including duration, distance, and cost, for personal record-keeping.


User Ratings and Feedback

Enables users to rate their ride experience and provide feedback to improve service quality.


Push Notifications

Sends timely alerts about ride status, promotions, and important updates directly to users' devices.

Development Process

The approach to developing the Pickboard app was comprehensive and user-focused

Agile Development Cycle

Employed agile development practices to allow for rapid prototyping, testing, and iteration based on real-user feedback.

Solution Design and Prototypingt

Crafting a bespoke solution architecture and developing prototypes for each app component.

Quality Assurance Testing

Rigorous testing protocols were followed to ensure the app's functionality, usability, and security met high standards.

Phased Deployment

Launched the app in stages, starting in major cities, to gauge user response and refine the system before a nationwide rollout.

Continuous Monitoring and Updates

Post-launch monitoring to address any operational issues quickly and to roll out updates for new features and improvements.

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They exhibit an exceptional dedication towards constant improvement and innovation, which is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

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“There is no reason not to choose Squillion”

We have done lots of projects with Squillion. And they never disappoint us.
They fully understand what their customer want. They have all the qualities that make great software.
They showed us their great development skills (backend, frontend, IoT communication) as well as great communication skills, high enthusiasm and integrity.



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We were impressed with their commitment to completing the work.



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After Launching our Website, We saw a significantly increased number of Bookings and also helped in creating a smoother user Experience.
They delivered more than their commitment and our expectations