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SaaS Software


Richmond, US

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Project Overview

M4M (More4Motion) stands at the forefront of transforming urban transportation across the globe, including the US, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Italy, among others. Tasked with creating a robust platform capable of managing an expansive network of scooters and bikes, Squillion.tech developed an application that not only supports traditional sharing models but also integrates a groundbreaking franchise model. This innovative approach enables local fleet operators to add their vehicles to the M4M platform, vastly increasing the system’s reach and accessibility to users everywhere.


Scalability and Flexibility

Developing a platform that seamlessly scales to accommodate a growing number of vehicles and users spread across diverse geographic locations.

Franchise Integration

Crafting a system that allows individual franchise operators to integrate their fleets efficiently while maintaining consistent service quality and user experience.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring the platform adheres to varied transport and safety regulations specific to each country.

User and Operator Experience

Balancing the needs of end-users and fleet operators within a single platform, ensuring ease of use and comprehensive functionality.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Modular Platform Design

Employing a modular architecture that supports scalability and easy integration of new franchise operators and their fleets.

Franchise Management Module

A dedicated system for franchisees to manage their operations, including vehicle tracking, maintenance, and performance metrics.

Multi-Locale Compliance Framework

A compliance engine designed to adapt to the legal and regulatory requirements of each operational country.

Dual-Interface System

Separate yet interconnected interfaces for end-users and fleet operators to streamline their interactions and manage their respective needs effectively.

User App Features


Real-time scooter and bike availability


User profiles with ride history and payment options


Group Ride


Seamless booking and payment system


In-app safety tutorials and local regulations guide


Dynamic pricing based on location and peak times


Multiple Language Supported

Admin Panel/ Franchise Panel Features


Fleet registration and management dashboard


Financial reporting and analytics tools


Real-time vehicle tracking and status updates


Franchise-specific operational insights and user feedback


Maintenance scheduling and management

process We Followed

Planning and Design

Gathered essential requirements from stakeholders and designed a scalable architecture that supports both user and franchise operations.

Development and Integrationt

Developed core functionalities, integrating real-time tracking, payment systems, and user management features, followed by thorough testing to ensure robust performance and user experience.

Deployment and Initial Testing

Rolled out the application in a staged environment for final testing, followed by a phased launch to manage deployment risks and optimise based on real-world use.

Ongoing Support and Iteration

Provided continuous maintenance and regular updates based on user feedback and evolving market needs, ensuring the platform remains cutting-edge and compliant with global standards.

What Our Clients Say


Gordon Pullen

MD, EGSS Technologies

London, UK

Working with the team at Squillion has been an absolute pleasure. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make the project successful. So if you are looking for a reliable team, Squillion is your company.


Juan Luis Hernandez

Executive, More4Motion Private Fleet

McLean VA, USA
They exhibit an exceptional dedication towards constant improvement and innovation, which is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Wonhwi Jeong

CEO of Pickboard

Seoul, South Korea

“There is no reason not to choose Squillion”

We have done lots of projects with Squillion. And they never disappoint us.
They fully understand what their customer want. They have all the qualities that make great software.
They showed us their great development skills (backend, frontend, IoT communication) as well as great communication skills, high enthusiasm and integrity.



Softcare Solutions


We were impressed with their commitment to completing the work.



CEO, Hanny Logistics


After Launching our Website, We saw a significantly increased number of Bookings and also helped in creating a smoother user Experience.
They delivered more than their commitment and our expectations