Smart Locker App - Revolutionising Parcel Delivery for Enhanced Logistics

Smart Locker App - Revolutionising Parcel Delivery For Enhanced Logistics​

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Project Overview

In an era where e-commerce and parcel delivery are integral to daily commerce, the Smart Locker App developed by represents a significant leap forward in logistics management. This sophisticated application is designed to optimise the interaction between parcel logistics companies and their customers, offering secure, flexible, and efficient parcel delivery and pick-up solutions via smart lockers. By integrating advanced technology into everyday logistics, this app ensures that parcels are securely stored and accessible at the convenience of the recipient.


Integration Complexity

Ensuring seamless integration with existing logistics systems and databases for real-time tracking and management.

User Accessibility

Designing an intuitive user interface that caters to all demographics, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.

Security Measures

Implementing robust security protocols to safeguard parcels and user data against unauthorised access.

Scalability Issues

Developing a scalable solution that can grow with the client’s expanding network of smart lockers.


Seamless System Integration

Developed APIs to integrate seamlessly with the existing logistics software, enabling real-time communication between the app and smart lockers.

User-Friendly Design

Created an easy-to-navigate interface with features like quick locker access, real-time notifications, and a simple reservation system.

Advanced Security Features

Incorporated biometric authentication and end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of parcels and user information.

Scalable Architecture

Built on a cloud-based platform to facilitate easy scaling and maintenance, allowing for the addition of more lockers and users without performance degradation.

Key Features


Real-Time Parcel Tracking

Users can track their parcels in real-time until they are securely placed in a smart locker.


Flexible Access Options

Customers can access lockers using a mobile app, codes, or biometrics, depending on their preferences.


Push Notifications

Automatic alerts inform users about parcel delivery, pending pickups, and other relevant actions.


24/7 Availability

Lockers are accessible around the clock, allowing customers to pick up parcels at their convenience.


In-App Payment Integration

Enables users to pay for services or additional time directly through the app.


Customer Support Portal

Integrated support tools help resolve issues and answer queries directly through the app.

Development Process

The development process for the Smart Locker App was systematic and user-centric

Conceptual Design

Worked closely with stakeholders to map out the essential features and capabilities of the app.

Agile Development

Utilised agile methodologies to rapidly prototype, test, and refine the application.

User Testing

Conducted extensive user testing to gather feedback and ensure the app was both functional and user-friendly.

Launch and Iteration

Rolled out the app in phases to monitor its performance and gather real-time user data, using insights to make iterative improvements.

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Gordon Pullen

MD, EGSS Technologies

London, UK

Working with the team at Squillion has been an absolute pleasure. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make the project successful. So if you are looking for a reliable team, Squillion is your company.


Juan Luis Hernandez

Executive, More4Motion Private Fleet

McLean VA, USA
They exhibit an exceptional dedication towards constant improvement and innovation, which is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

Wonhwi Jeong

CEO of Pickboard

Seoul, South Korea

“There is no reason not to choose Squillion”

We have done lots of projects with Squillion. And they never disappoint us.
They fully understand what their customer want. They have all the qualities that make great software.
They showed us their great development skills (backend, frontend, IoT communication) as well as great communication skills, high enthusiasm and integrity.



Softcare Solutions


We were impressed with their commitment to completing the work.



CEO, Hanny Logistics


After Launching our Website, We saw a significantly increased number of Bookings and also helped in creating a smoother user Experience.
They delivered more than their commitment and our expectations