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Ehsiba is an innovative website designed by, featuring a suite of sophisticated calculators that assist users in making informed financial and environmental decisions. From evaluating the return on investment in solar PV panels and analyzing the cost benefits of buying property, to comparing the long-term expenses of electric versus petrol cars, Ehsiba provides essential tools to navigate complex calculations with ease.


Complex Data Handling

Each calculator needed to process complex data inputs and provide accurate, real-time calculations.

Scalability and Performance

Ensuring the website could handle large volumes of users and calculations simultaneously without performance degradation.

Accuracy and Reliability

Maintaining high accuracy in calculations, crucial for financial planning and investment decisions.


Advanced Formula Calculation

Created formulas capable of handling complex, multi-variable calculations for each tool.

High-Performance Backend

Implemented a robust backend infrastructure optimized for speed and scalability, supporting heavy user traffic and data processing.

Regular Updates and Testing

Ensured ongoing accuracy and reliability through regular updates and rigorous testing of all tools.

Key Features

Each tool on the Ehsiba website is designed with specific features to meet the unique needs of its calculations:


Solar PV Panels – Investment Calculator

Estimate returns on investment for small solar PV installations.
Adjust variables such as installation costs, solar radiation, and electricity prices.


Buying a Property - Cost Benefit Analysis

Simplify initial financial assessments of property purchases.
Factor in long-term financial impacts, market trends, and personal budget constraints.


Electric Car vs. Petrol Car - Cost of Ownership

Compare long-term costs between electric and petrol vehicles.
Include factors like fuel costs, maintenance, tax incentives, and depreciation.


Solar Water Heating - Economic Feasibility Study

Calculate the long-term savings and payback period of installing solar water heaters.
Consider geographical location, water usage, and local fuel costs.


Interest on Interest - The Power of Compounding

Visualise how investments grow over time using compound interest.
Customise variables such as initial sum, interest rate, compounding frequency, and time period.


Inverter AC for Heating - Estimated Electricity Bill

Estimate the installation and operational costs of inverter AC units for heating.
Provide comparisons to other heating methods based on energy consumption and costs.

Development Process

The development process for Ehsiba was comprehensive and iterative:
Requirements Gathering

Collaborated closely with financial and environmental experts to define the specifications for each calculator.

Design and Prototyping

Utilised user-centred design principles to create prototypes, which were tested for user feedback and iteratively improved.

Development and Integration

Developed each calculator with robust backend integration to ensure real-time data processing and accuracy.

Launch and Optimization

Launched the website followed by continuous monitoring and optimization to enhance functionalities and user engagement.

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