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Transform Your Data into Living Stories
Transition to a new era of data analysis with Animator by Squillion! Elevate your reports with dynamic, engaging visuals that tell a compelling story. Animator by squillion could be your Gateway to a variety of themes, icons, and customizable features. With easy-to-use features, Animator by Squillion helps you create eye-catching visuals that uncover insights and start conversations. Whether you’re presenting sales trends, marketing data, or operational metrics, Animator by Squillion adds an extra layer of depth to your analysis. Let your data tell its story like never before!

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Why Choose Animator By Squillion?


Engaging Visuals

Elevate your reports with dynamic and engaging visuals that captivate your audience and bring data to life.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Experience seamless navigation and create stunning visuals without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Customization Flexibility

Customization Flexibility

Access a diverse range of themes, icons, and customizable features to tailor your visualizations to match your unique style and branding.

Enhanced Insights

Enhanced Insights

Unlock deeper insights from your data with animations that highlight trends, transitions, and correlations.

Professional Version Benefits

Professional Version Benefits

Upgrade to the Professional version to unlock advanced features like custom icons, transparent backgrounds, and enhanced animation controls.


Interactive User Experience

Delight your audience with interactive elements such as customized tooltips and dynamic data point settings.

Branding Consistency

Branding Consistency

Maintain brand consistency across your reports with customizable label settings, axis appearance, and font styles.

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Theme based Visualization
Theme based Visualization

Explore a diverse selection of themes, icons, and customization options to craft visualizations that perfectly align with your unique style and branding. Unlock a wealth of choices to tailor your visuals precisely to your liking, ensuring they resonate authentically with your audience.

Engaging Animations

Bring your visuals to life with captivating animations. Choose from a variety of animation directions, including left-right continuous, up-down continuous, and more. Set fixed durations to control animation speed, creating a dynamic storytelling experience that captures attention and enhances engagement.

Dynamic Visual Icons

Select from a diverse range of icons including cars, planes, boats, stars, arrows, and more to enhance your visualizations. Effortlessly customize icon size and rotation to add visual appeal and clarity to your designs. Upgrade to the Professional version to unlock the ability to incorporate your own custom icons, opening up a world of creative possibilities for your projects.

Tailored Visual Backgrounds

Choose backgrounds that complement your icons and elevate the theme of your reports. Easily adjust top and bottom buffers to ensure your icons fit seamlessly within the chosen background, maintaining a polished appearance. For advanced customization, Professional version users can utilize custom backgrounds with transparency, offering a unique and personalized visual experience unmatched in versatility and design flexibility.


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  • Themed Visual
  • Dynamic Icons
  • Supportive Backgrounds
  • 6 Different Animations
  • Customizable Labels & Axis
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Premium Features for an Enhanced Experience!

Unlock the full potential of your data with Premium version of Animator by Squillion. Elevate your reports, captivate your audience & unlock insights that drive success.
  • Watermark Removal
  • Custom SVG Icons
  • Custom (transparent) Background
  • Precise Coloring
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