With raging global warming and booming inflation, people are renting bikes or e-scooters to commute with ease, avoiding travel in cramped spaces during busy hours. In a fast-paced world, customers want a quick and efficient service, especially regarding their commute. A Bike Rental Software helps you automate your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase the revenue of your bike rental business. In this blog, we have talked about 10 Benefits of bike rental software to boost your business.

Growing awareness about the environmental impact of fuel-based vehicles and the health benefits of biking has boosted the usage of rental bikes. It is evident from the fact that the Bike Rental Market is projected to reach $11.3 Billion by 2031 from $2.1 in 2021(source). It presents the perfect opportunity to enhance your bike rental service to beat the competition and boost your revenue. 

Before we jump straight to the topic, let’s first understand what we mean by bike rental software.   

What Is Bike Rental Software?

What Is Bike Rental Software?

A Bike Rental Software is a tool to automate all the tasks related to your bike rental service. From e-booking and online payments to data-based insights regarding inventory and maintenance, the software gives you control over all operations on your fingerprints. It helps you reduce errors and provide quality services for customer satisfaction. 

10 Benefits Of A Bike Rental Software: 

10 Benefits Of A Bike Rental Software

Following are the ten benefits of using our bike rental software to manage your fleet flawlessly. 

Automate your bike rental business for cost-effective services  

The world is adopting technology at a tremendous rate. Automation emerges as a perfect way to reduce human errors, and 78% believe that it enhances productivity. One can reduce the overall cost by 10-50% by adopting automation in their workflow. Automating certain repetitive tasks saves valuable time for service providers, enabling them to prioritize other tasks and thus reducing time and labor costs. 

Make vehicle access easy for customer satisfaction 

Imagine, standing in a queue for 10 minutes with a blazing sun above your head just to know that the bike or e-scooter you want to rent is not available. Not the best experience and guaranteed ‘I am NEVER coming here again” because 61% of customers switch to competitors with just one bad experience. 

Now imagine, you, standing under a shade or in your office or home, phone in your hand, scrolling through this bike rental app to find the nearest bike available. You find the perfect bike, book it for a ride, visit the place, and have the bike ready for you to ride with peace. A good experience and ‘yeah, I am using this forever!’ because 81% of customers are likely to use your service again if they have a good experience. 

Using bike rental software enables you to provide your customers with a real-time list of vehicles, like bikes or e-scooters, available near them to make the best decision without consuming much of their time and energy. Once they have found the perfect bike, they reach the place and scan a QR code to access the vehicle and use it. When they are done they can return it and make the payment from their phones effortlessly using the app. This smooth procedure leads to a satisfied customer. 

Easy vehicle usage tracking for better utilization 

If you are leading a multi-station bike rental business, you might overlook the efficient utilization of all your fleet alternatives. One asset (vehicle) might get overused, and another might get underutilized. In both cases, you bear losses. Bike rental software provides you with data and insights into bikes or e-scooters to avoid such situations. It helps you track the utility of your resources efficiently and get the best ROI on your assets. 

Monitor the flow of maintenance tasks  

Maintenance of the fleet or vehicle is the key to a satisfied customer leading to successful business. A clean and error-free vehicle ensures satisfied customers. This maintenance is easier said than done when your service centers are spread around the city, states, or even countries. That’s where the software comes in with its magic of automation. 

It tracks and monitors the usage and maintenance schedule of the vehicles, enabling you to identify when maintenance is needed. Real-time notification helps you stay updated about any troubles a customer might face regarding the fleet and allows you to assign maintenance tasks immediately. You can also allocate the maintenance tasks to certain service providers or your employees and track the performance. 

Real-time notification for customer support  

Trouble is unavoidable in fleet business, but troubleshooting makes the situation manageable. Bike rental software provides real-time notification regarding your vehicle’s location, data related to your on-site service center, and customer support requests and grievances. You can assist your customers through the app or provide them assistance by sending your representative. 

Data insight for precise analysis and decision-making 

One decision can make or break your business. Whether it’s opening a new station, adding more vehicles to your existing station, or any major service update, structured data helps you make better decisions. A bike rental software records the live data and builds a database that you can access to analyze your KPIs to get data insights to make the best suitable decision and plan your growth strategy. 

Seamless integration with hardware and third-party sites 

A bike rental software that seamlessly integrates into your existing system and with other third-party sites ensures smooth operation and customer retention. Integrate various third-party payments, maps, and other necessary services to enhance customer experience. It will help you expand your market and get a competitive edge in the growing market. 

Robust security to build trust among your customers 

While data plays a crucial role in enhancing customer experience and decision-making, the security of that data is equally important. A bike rental software offers a robust security system to ensure that all data is secure so you can focus on growing your business with the best service to your target audience. 

Customize design to build your brand image 

The bike rental software allows you to customize the visual aspects of your bike rental app to establish your brand image and express your brand values. It enables you to create features that resonate with your customers and improve their journey through the app. 

Diversified Use to help you expand your target market

You can provide the bike rental service in diverse settings like public transport, and commuting within a college campus, resident area, or industrial setup. Offering the rental service to guests in a resort helps you tap into the travel and tourism industry, projected to grow at 3.47% annually.  

You might wonder, the benefits are good, but where do I even get software that provides me with all of these services? Well, that’s what we are here for!

Squillion Technology – Your Partner In Automating Bike Rental Business 

Squillion Technology presents you Easy Ride, a bike rental software to drive your bike rental business to success. Our bike rental software provides you with a means to enable customers to book and use a fleet with ease and offer real-time insights and data to you. It has a telematic or GPS tracking system to keep track of your fleets on the roads and in the inventory.

It provides a system to track maintenance schedules for all your fleets and helps you assign responsibility. It builds a database regarding the fleet (its battery, usage, etc.), troubles, customer reviews and satisfaction, and more for strategic decision-making. We provide you with regular updates to keep you ahead of your competitors when the technology is advancing at a tremendous rate, all of it at your fingertips. Experience the magic yourself, Book a demo!


The bike rental market is growing at a tremendous rate. If you want to gain from the growing market and retain your customers, you must adopt automation for your business for flawless service and real-time data with bike rental software like our Easy Ride. It helps you provide your customers with real-time availability of vehicles with telematic tracking and save their time by making online payments with varying third-party sites. The software offers real-time data to enable you to track maintenance schedules and make data-based strategic decisions. Offer your customers constant support for customer satisfaction and building trust and brand image. Book a demo to learn more!