Sharing scooters has become the new normal for sustainable and affordable traveling. So, if you want to get the best of this situation through a scooter-sharing company there are a few things you’ll need. First, you’ll need e scooters for the users to use. Then, you’ll need E-scooter software to manage, book, track, and promote your scooter sharing business. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to determine which e-scooter is best for you.

Before we learn how to make the choice, let’s understand a little more about what you’re choosing.

How Does E Scooter Work? 

E Scooters are electronic scooters running on electricity. They are sustainable vehicles built to use renewable energy and make traveling swift and affordable. The e scooter has handlebars to navigate, a throttle to accelerate, and a break. The batteries are fixed in the design to recharge when needed.

So, how does a scooter work when renting it for your scooter sharing business? It would help if you used an IoT tool to lock the scooter and allow us to unlock it using an app. Once they unlock it, they can ride as per their needs. In the end, they lock the e scooter in its place and make a payment for their ride. It’s your responsibility to maintain it.

Now, let’s talk about the topic of this blog.

How To Select The Best E Scooter For Your E Scooter Sharing Business?

How To Select The Best E Scooter For Your E Scooter Sharing Business_

E scooter are one of the most important investments for your scooter sharing business. So, it’s normal to think about which scooter to select when there are hundreds of options. Thus, the following are the few things to remember to find which e scooter is best for your business.

Check the IoT connectivity of the e scooter

We know, this probably was not the first thing you might have imagined on this list. However, in the e-scooter sharing app development, IoT connectivity is the core of your business. Through IoT connectivity you can track your scooter, let customers rent it through the app, and also maintain it. So, It is the reason you need to pay close attention to this.

IoT devices enable your users to easily access the vehicle, even without the internet. Yes, the IoT allows users to unlock the scooter with a Bluetooth connection in case of a low internet connection. It helps to boost good customer experience, leading to customer satisfaction. They can identify any forbidden areas and also find routes with less ETA through telematic tracking.

The IoT device and software connect the device with the software. Therefore, you can easily track the maintenance needs of the device. Additionally, you can track the movement of the device to get an alert on unauthorized movements. We understand that it can be a little complicated, that’s why we, an experienced scooter sharing software company, are eager to help you with Easy Ride. Easy Ride is a ready to use software that integrates with IoT devices and your scooters to main management easy! 

Let’s connect so we can help you understand which scooter and IoT devices fit the best and suit your needs.

Check the durability of the scooter

It is the second most important factor you must consider. The general public will be using the customer and the exposure to harsh situations is more. Thus, the scooter must be durable in terms of the scooter body, internal parts, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The scooter must be made of good quality materials like aluminum and steel. Additionally, it should be lightweight so anyone can ride it with ease and park it as well. It helps you build trust among your users and boosts your business.

Your scooter will not be always under the shades. So, you choose a scooter that can withstand tough weather like rain and dusty wind. But, how do you know if the e scooter is waterproof? Check the scooter’s IP: the Ingress Protection rating. Ingress protection rating is the scooter’s resistance to dust and water. It is calculated in the IPDW (IP Debris Water) industry rating authorized by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC). The higher the rating, the better the resistance.

Compare the battery specification 

Customers share electric scooters so they run out of battery quickly. Thus, you must invest in scooters with good-quality batteries. The factors you must consider are battery voltage, battery life, and charging speed. Additionally, consider the battery capacity to ensure it lasts longer. Remember, that the rider’s weight, frequent charging, and other factors also affect the battery life. So, consider these factors and select your final scooter.

It is important to choose the right battery type for your scooter. Because the battery adds to your daily operational cost and ensures your customers have smooth rides. Thus, pay close attention to investing for the long term. One-time expensive is cheaper than regular repairs.

Understand all the safety features of the scooter

You must check all the safety features of the scooter. The primary safety features are the brakes, handles, lights, and physical features. It ensures that your customer has a safe ride. Additionally, you need to safeguard your scooter from stealing. For this, you can trust the IoT device connected to your e-scooter-sharing platform and the scooter. It allows you to track any unauthorized move and track the scooter in case of theft.

Understand the costs and maintenance costs 

Lastly, and most importantly the cost of the scooter. The price of the scooter is not the only price you should be counting. The scooter has many post-purchase costs like maintenance, repair, and more. So, you must consider them as well. One of the consistent costs is the operation cost of recharging and maintenance. But, if you continue with regular maintenance you can avoid any big repair costs by identifying any fault in the early stages. Therefore, maintenance and related costs are crucial to discuss in advance with the scooter provider.

If you are planning on a loan, consider how much you can loan out. Additionally, you have to think if the scooter will be able to generate enough business to cover the loan and interest.

Now that we have talked about the factors electric scooter-sharing companies must look for in a scooter, let us give you some suggestions.

Top E Scooter For E Scooter Sharing Business

Top E Scooter For E Scooter Sharing Business

Following are a few top e-scooters in the scooter-sharing market. Remember, do your careful research and select the scooter that fits your needs and budget.

Okai ES400A

Okai ES400A is a well-known scooter for scooter sharing, especially because of its dual locking mechanism for avoiding theft with geofencing and geolocation for guiding the user. With up to 55km range, swappable batteries, self-diagnosis & remote telemetry and more this scooter is a perfect match to start your scooter sharing business. The right IoT integration with the audio tools can help you alert the user about directions. 


ACTON M PRO 3.0 is a sleek-looking e-scooter with up to 55km capacity and a 20% incline rate. The scooter supports advanced IoT integration for connection with the internet, geolocation, and more. The non-removable lithium-ion premium battery with backup. It allows users to smoothly travel through the city. 


SEGWAY MAX PRO SNSC2.2 is an e-scooter with a 60km capacity. It is one of the trustable scooters for your business with 4 hour charging time and removable batteries. It has the IPX 4 rating for water resistance. 


The scooter sharing business is booming and so is the need for e-scooters. But, when there are hundreds of e scooters available in the market, how to know which one fits your needs and budget? That’s what we talked about in this blog. We mentioned a few factors like the IoT connectivity, durability, safety features, and battery of the e scooter. These all add a cost to the scooter before and even after the purchase. Additionally, the maintenance adds to the daily cost incurred for the vehicle. Thus, one must carefully consider all these factors to make the final decision.

To make the final decision you need fine technical knowledge about e scooters. Therefore, we want to offer to provide you guidance in selecting the best e scooter for your business. Our team will understand your needs and help you identify the most suitable e scooter to kickstart your business. Let’s connect and discuss more.