Throwing darts in the dark will not lead you to hit the target. Similarly, doing business without insights will not lead you to success. Additionally, both of them need some special skills. In the case of business data & insights, one needs Data Analysis skills. This is where Power BI consulting services can help you hit your business target right. In this blog, we have talked about how the Power BI consulting service enhances data analysis for your business.

Let’s understand what Power BI is used for in data analysis, before learning about the how of Power BI data analysis.

What is Power BI For Data Analysis? 

What is Power BI For Data Analysis?

Data analysis is one of the crucial tasks for any business. It can make or break your business. In simple terms, data analysis helps you understand your standing in business. It provides you with understandable business insights created after careful analysis and data projection. Thus, one needs to pay great attention to it.

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool focused on visualizing data insights. Therefore with the Power BI dashboard, you can chart your KPIs to track them at a glance. The platform provides you access to various tools to create the dashboards. Data analysis is the backbone of creating these dashboard charts and graphs. Thus, Power BI enables you to collect, manage, analyze, and represent data with ease.

Now that we understand why Power BI is important, lets understand importance of Power BI consulting solution. Microsoft Power BI consulting services provided by the Power BI data consultant help you ease your tasks. Because they are experts in using Power BI for data analysis to assist you track and understand your KPIs. Thus, these insights can help you determine performance, formulate growth strategies, and much more.

Now, let’s talk about the topic you want to know about.

How Power BI Consulting Enhances Data Analysis 

How Power BI Consulting Enhances Data Analysis

Data Collection With Diverse Integrations  

Imagine yourself switching to various tabs to collect the data. Yeah, not the most exciting task and not at all a time-saving one. That’s where Power BI shows its magic. With diverse inbuilt and external third-party integration, you can collect data with ease. Whether your data is on an Excel sheet, reports generated on other marketing tools, or more, you can integrate it with ease.

A Microsoft Power BI consulting service provider helps you integrate diverse APIs and apps for data collection.

Clean And Sort Your Data For Extraction 

Separating different currency coins from a massive bucket is not an easy or error-free task. Likewise, separating useful data from various files is not an easy task. Thus, Power BI provides you with tools to help you clean your data to separate the useful and meaningful data. So, it extracts the necessary data as per your sorting request. Especially, it saves you from the tedious task of spending hours sorting rows and columns.

This is one of the most crucial tasks because this data forms the base for all the data analysis operations. It saves you time in the later process and also builds your database for future use.

The Power BI consulting firms use specialized tools to clean your data and sort them as per your needs. Firstly, understand your business and analysis goals. Later, determine the type of data you’ll need and sort it accordingly. Now, your system is all to use.

Streamline Analysis Process With Data Modelling

A database is like your raw material for creating the final product. A messy warehouse of raw materials can cause trouble in production and affect your business. Likewise, Power BI helps you create a well-structured database to streamline your analysis process. So, you can arrange your data for easy extraction when the need arises.

Microsoft Power BI offers diverse data modeling tools to arrange your data in panels. It enables you to extract the necessary data that fits your analysis problem or needs. Additionally, it eases data access for your team to use per their requirements. So, you can get the necessary data in seconds when you need to solve an analysis problem.

Power BI consulting services company has a team of experts in data modeling. They help you understand the data set you might need and assist you in creating them as well.

Create A Dashboard For Data Insights 

It is a data visualization tool. In other words, it is a tool that allows you to convert complex data insights into understandable charts. Thus, making Microsoft BI a necessary investment for your business. Using the existing data, or the one you enter, you can generate vibrant charts and graphs. It helps you simplify your analysis findings. You can co-relate them to understand a complex analysis problem. That’s why Power BI is a must in the organization. 

Power BI dashboard consulting firms help you with creating dashboards for a 360-degree view of your business. From sales, logistics, performance analysis, marketing KPIs tracking, and more. Additionally, these dashboards can also help you come up with cause and effect of certain situations. For example, co-relation between production or logistics and sales to determine the low sales within seconds. 

Easy Report Generation   

Report generation is the final step of data analysis. It’s the final results of data analysis to draw attention to where it’s needed. Especially, to explain performance and strategy results. So, gone are the times when the team needed hours to generate a report.

Power BI offers data storing and management tools for report generation. Thus, with advanced Power BI tools, you can generate desired reports based on departmental needs. You can use the report generated with Power BI for consulting with your clients. It saves time and resources and helps you get an accurate picture of your business standings.

Secure Your Database For Confidentiality 

When data is such a crucial part of your business, it must be protected. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI consulting company helps you secure your data. They help you implement an authorization system to control who can access the data and to what extent. Thus, it helps you establish trust and control the flow of data within an organization.

How Does Squillion Tech Assist You?

Power BI consulting services

Squillion Tech is a Power BI consulting company, a Microsoft Partner. We have a team of experts specializing in using Microsoft Power BI. Our goal is to assist businesses meet their full potential and help them make data-backed decisions. Therefore, we can help you use the Power BI platform for data analysis for your business.

We assist you to experience the full potential of the tool by:

  • integrating diverse data sources
  • providing access to premium Power BI tools
  • modeling data after cleaning and sorting
  • creating a structured database for your business
  • secure your database
  • build an interactive dashboard for a 360-degree view of your business
  • tracking your KPIs
  • assist your team in generating reports with training
  • unwavering support and consistent updates

If you want to grow your business with data analysis, we are eager to help you with our Microsoft Power BI consulting services. Our team is equipped to help you, whether you are looking for power bi consultants in the UK, USA, India, or anywhere globally.


Data Analysis is the backbone of any business. With Power BI you can visualize your data analysis results. It helps you understand your business standing easily from anywhere. However, you need a Power BI data consultant to assist you in creating interactive dashboards. Additionally, they help you collect data, model, and create a database to ease your data analysis process. Squillion Tech, an expert power bi consulting company, helps you get accurate data insights. Our team of experts integrates datasets, streamlines & secures databases, creates dashboards, and generates reports. It assists you in getting the best result from data analysis crucial for our growth.