If you’re a business owner or budding entrepreneur, you must know the importance of data. Especially the data insights gathered from the data. It is where Power BI helps you. A Power BI data consultant helps organize data to create a data insight dashboard. But, it is crucial to note that they do more of this. In this blog, we will talk about Power BI consulting: meaning, needs, services, and more. 

Before we know more about the consulting job, let’s understand what Power BI does.

What Power BI is used for?

What Power BI is used for

BI in the Power BI stands for Business Intelligence. Therefore, it is a business intelligence tool for companies and institutes to organize, analyze, and visualize data. Power BI is a Microsoft product for businesses and Analysts. It helps you understand your data. Thus, Power BI can help you understand your business’s performance, opportunities, and weaknesses. 

Power BI is a visualization tool that organizes and analyses your data to create interactive dashboards. These dashboards have charts and graphs of your KPIs to help you get a 360-degree view of your business. Additionally, Power BI creates a data warehouse for data modeling and storing data. It helps you compare historical data and generate many reports with few clicks. 

The platform has many advanced features to assist you in decision-making and strategy formation. Therefore, Power BI is crucial for you and your business. So, what is Microsoft Power BI consulting service? Let’s understand in detail. 

What is Power BI consulting?

What is Power BI consulting

Power BI is a process in which an expert helps you set up your Power BI account. Because through this account, they help you create a database for ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) data. They developed a Power BI dashboard to track your KPIs at a glance. Hence Power BI company helps you streamline the report generation process. Additionally, they establish a hierarchical access system to ensure data security. 

Each business is different, and so are its needs. A skilled Microsoft Power BI consulting service provider will help you design a solution that fits your business needs perfectly. So, from data collection to data visualization and everything in between; they handle it easily. 

Why Is Power BI consulting Important for business?

Why Is Power BI consulting Important for business

We understood why Power BI is important for business. Now, let’s understand why Power BI is important for your business. 

To run a business successfully decision-making is undoubtedly the most crucial task. These decisions can be regarding various aspects of business like investment, performance analysis, marketing strategies, and many more. Power BI consulting firms can help you streamline this process. Especially, by representing the data in an interactive chart or graph. 

There are many benefits of using Power BI consulting services. For instance a few of them offered by a Power BI consulting company are:

  • Building your data warehouse by collecting data from various sources
  • Creating interactive dashboard design that fits your business needs 
  • Assisting your team in generating reports for tracking performance and making data-backed decision 

Data and time are the backbone of the business. Thus, having direct access to sorted data helps you save time. With live data insights, you can make quick decisions to time your marketing campaigns, and investments, control losses, and more. 

What are the Microsoft Power BI consulting services?

What are the Microsoft Power BI consulting services

Till now, we have talked about the benefits of hiring a power bi consulting services company. So, let’s talk about what these services include. 

There are varying Power BI consulting services. These services could be for Power BI desktop and Power BI services. 

Wondering what’s the difference between Power BI desktop and Power BI services? It’s simple. Power BI desktop is an application that allows users to create a dashboard, reports, database, and more. However, the Power BI service is a cloud-based SaaS product. It allows one to access, share, and present data and reports easily. You can store data through data modeling on Power BI services, but it has its limitations. 

Getting back to Power BI services, the following are a few consulting services you may expect from a consultant. 

Power BI needs analysis

Power BI needs analysis is the first step of any consulting process. Here you will determine your need for data analysis. In simple terms, here you will understand if your business needs a specific Power BI solution. Additionally, here you can determine if you have structure to support Power BI. 

If you already have a Power BI system active but don’t get the desired results, this step will help you understand its reason. A Power BI company will analyze your existing plan and suggest improvements. Furthermore, they can restructure your design to help you get a high ROI. 

A consulting company will analyze your existing data management system (or existing Power BI system) to understand your needs. So, you can ask them for suggestions and requirements to create a Power BI dashboard or generate reports. 

Power BI dashboard consulting and implementation

If you have decided to implement a Power BI system in your organization, a Power BI consulting services company will do that for you. Firstly, they will analyze your existing system and determine if you need any additions. For instance a few things they might check are:

  • Do you have an efficient data warehouse?
  • Do you have the infrastructure to operate the Power BI desktop and Power BI service software?
  • Do you need specialized training to operate the Power BI system? 

Once the basic structural needs are ticked off the list, the implementation starts. A few services of Power BI implementation are:

  • Integrate various data sources to create an efficient data warehouse
  • Performing data modeling to relevant data sets 
  • Create custom dashboards as per your business needs
  • Streamlining data report generation by easing data fetching 

Power BI consulting service may include many more tasks as per your project needs. Therefore, trust a Power BI consulting company that understands your business needs and crafts Power BI consulting solutions for you! A Power BI company like Squillion Tech certainly does that for you. 

Power BI consulting service and support 

Power BI requires some technical knowledge. A Power BI company (like ours) offers specialized training to your team. Therefore, your team can easily access the data and create reports on the go. Additionally, it enables your staff to create custom KPI tracking charts or graphs for the dashboard. 

How to choose your power BI consulting solution? 

How to choose your power BI consulting solution

Now that you understand the types of consulting and services you might expect, it’s time to choose what fits you well. As mentioned earlier, each business has its unique needs and requirements. Thus, the first step is to understand your business needs. For this, you must start with understanding your business’s current standing, in terms of data resources, hurdles, and more. You can rely on the consulting company to help you determine these specialized needs. 

Once you have your needs ready, start with estimating the implementation costs. Remember, make a list of things that you need in a consulting plan. From data warehouse creation to staff training and everything in between. It will help you get the perfect quotations and make the right decision to get the best ROI. 

Squillion Tech is a Microsoft Partner offering Power Bi Consulting Services with excellence. We prioritize backing you up with data insights and boosting your growth. Our team focuses on creating a Power BI solution that fits your needs. With a thorough discussion of the Power BI implementation strategy followed by implementation and rigorous testing. We ensure that you get the best of Power BI!


Business needs to make data-backed decisions daily. However, collecting and presenting these data is easier said than done. Power BI comes like our knight in shining armor to help us organize, analyze, and visualize our data better. A Power BI consulting firm helps you create a robust Power BI dashboard and reports for a 360-degree view of your business.

First, you have to understand if you need Power BI assistance. Second, you need to determine if you have the infrastructure to support Power BI implementation. Once, you are sure you can implement Power BI and train your team for efficient utilization.