Microsoft Power BI is like the powerhouse of your business. It helps you store, manage, and analyze data easily. Power BI consulting solution offered by experienced consultants helps you draw insights, project trends, and derive performance statistics for your business. So, undoubtedly choosing the right Power BI consulting company is important. Therefore, many firms are providing Power BI consulting services in the USA. In this blog, we have curated a list of the top 10 Power BI consulting companies in the USA. 

Top Power BI consulting companies

Top Power BI consulting companies

As per a study, 48.37% of Microsoft Power BI users are from the USA. Therefore, there are many consulting firms present in the market. It makes the decision process a little tricky. So, the following is the list of the top 10 Power BI consulting firms in the USA. 

Squillion Tech 

Squillion Tech is a Microsoft partner company providing Power BI consulting services. They have a team of Microsoft-certified Power BI consultants and developers to provide clients with a Power BI consulting service. Therefore, whether it is creating live sales maps, advanced analysis plans, personalized visuals for dashboards, or more, Squillion Tech can make it happen. Book a free demo to understand how they work and make your data analysis process easier! 

They provide services like 

  • Personalized Power BI plan
  • Seamless data integration
  • Setup real-time dynamic analysis
  • Create an interactively visual dashboard
  • Integrate predictive analysis with AI 
  • Establish a data security system
  • Team training to operate the platform
  • Scalable power BI consulting solutions cost-effectively 

Squillion Tech prioritizes customer needs and works according to their needs. Thus, they have been able to provide their services in varying industries like app development, logistics management, fleet management, website development, and more. Hence, they can be trusted to build a robust data analysis system for you. 

BlastX Consulting  

BlastX Consulting is one of the experts in the consulting industry. They have diversified services ranging from digital consulting to analysis and insights. However, they started their journey as analytics experts and slowly rose to the top with their 24 years of experience. They have worked in several industries: banking and retail to name a few. 

BlastX Consulting starts with an exploratory analysis to identify the needs of the project. Thus, they can create a strategic plan to implement analytics solutions to provide necessary insights and generate reports easily. 

A3 Logics

A3 Logics is an IT and business solutions outsourcing company providing Power BI consulting services. They are a company operating in the industry for about two decades. Hence, they excel in providing IT consulting solutions to enterprises. Therefore, they have provided their services in retail, logistics, Edtech, and more. Furthermore, they are well-versed in other technologies like AI, cloud computing, and more. 

A3 Logics provides a complete Power BI consulting solution including the designing, implementation, visualization, and more. With their 30-minute free consulting session, they communicate how they can help you by understanding your project needs. 


Brainvire is a firm dedicated to leveraging digital transformative technology to boost innovation in the business world. Hence, they have established their presence in the industry with their diverse services primarily in technology and internet-based services. So, their services range from full-stack development to cloud services, digital marketing, and more. 

Brainvire provides Power BI consulting services like creating a graphical reporting system, powerful data segmentation and analytical setup, and flexible solutions to fit your needs. 

Sapphire Solutions 

Sapphire Solutions is a software solutions company providing diverse services. The services range from app or web development, software development, cloud solutions, AL & ML development, and more. Thus, they have worked in diverse industries like hotel management, retail, and more in their 20+ years of experience. 

Sapphire Solutions has a team of developers equipped with advanced tools and knowledge to help you implement and utilize Power BI in your organization. So, you can set up a data analysis system for your organization. 

VNB Consulting 

VNB Consulting is a technological service-providing company. So, they have services related to app development, automation services, analytical solutions, and AI solutions. Since their inception in 2015, they have created a name for themselves and are partners of Microsoft for analytical solutions. 

VNB provides diverse Power BI consulting services. Therefore, they offer Power BI services for implementation, migration, report generation, and dashboard setup. Furthermore, they offer customized plans depending on your project needs. 

Analytics 8 

Analytics 8 is a company specializing in everything data. They have a team of developers and data engineers offering services like data management, data governance, data architecture, and more. Therefore, they have established themselves as a trusted name in the data analytics industry. Additionally, they have worked in industries like finance, healthcare, retail, and more. 

Analytics 8 is a Microsoft partner authorized to offer diverse Power BI consulting services. So, they help you with strategy formation for the Power BI dashboard, implementation, and smooth adoption among your team members. 

Evince Dev 

Evince Dev is a web, app, and software development outsourcing company. Additionally, they offer offshore software development services to industries like automobile, retail, Edtech, and more. They have been in the industry since 2012 working dedicatedly. 

Evince Dev is a Power BI consulting company offering services to various industries. They offer consulting services to identify the needs of your project. Later, they offer personalized dashboard & report development, migration, and integration services. 

Value Coders 

Value Coders are specialized in providing on-demand software solutions teams. So, you can get a personalized solution relating to app development, data engineering, software product engineering, and more. Since its inception in 2005, Value Coders has worked to establish itself as a trusted outsourcing company for tech and development projects. 

Value Coders offers diverse Power BI consulting services in diverse industries. Thus, they help you understand your project requirements and build a comprehensive Power BI consulting plan expanding to Mobile BI and more. 


Constient is a tech-driven company offering services in data engineering, data analysis, machine learning, and more. They have worked for more than 13 years. Therefore, they are well-versed in their field. Furthermore, they have worked in industries like banking, healthcare, media, and more. 

Consitent offers diverse Power BI consulting services in the USA and beyond. They start with Power BI consulting and advance into Power BI implementation, customization, integration, security setup, and more. Thus, their experience helps you get the best services. 


Data is the building block of our business. From performance analysis to business analysis the right data to help you understand your standing and make better decisions. So, Microsoft Power BI is a tool to help you manage, analyze, and visualize your data. But, to get the best out of the platform you’ll need someone like Power BI consultant who know how the platform works. The consultant provides Power BI consulting services like strategy formation, implementation, dashboard & report development, integration, migration, and more. So, we have talked about 10 Power BI consulting companies in the USA that you could trust with your data. Each of them is recognized by the industry and certified for providing a Power BI consulting service. 

Squillion Tech is a Microsoft partner recognized in the industry for providing Power BI consulting services. Hence, we provide customized services to help you manage your data and get insights to make better decisions. So, if you want to back your decisions with data, book a free demo. It will help you understand how we can help you with your data securely.